Why do you sell resources?

Why are thousands of Geography teachers around the world spending hundreds of hours creating the same resources? This is Geography aims put an end to this with high quality resources that can be quickly adapted to your classrooms and school specific needs. 

If I buy resources can I distribute them?

No, doing so is an infringement of copyright. All resources are the intellectual property of This Is Geography . Resources are free to be used and adapted for personal use only. All images are royalty commercial images that are not licenced for further distribution.

Can I sell resources on This is Geography?

Although we do not offer this at the moment due to the specific design of our lessons, we are always interested to hear from talented and passionate teachers.

Why are your resources offered for less than on TES?

TES takes a 20% cut of resources, which is understandable given the costs they will have to bare. This site removes a large portion of those costs and passes them on to you, the teacher!

Can I review resources?

This service is not currently offered but may be added in the future.

Will there be a subscription service to access all resources on the site?

A subscription service is planned for the future that will offer comprehensive coverage of human and physical geography resources.

My download time expired

You are given 24 hours to download resources after purchase, however should you come into difficulties contact info@thisisgeography.co.uk.

How do I pay for resources?

All resources are processed through stripe.com, a partner of our website host squarespace. All payments are secure.