The Natural Environment - Coasts


The Natural Environment - Coasts


11 part lesson series for the Cambridge IGCSE module The Natural Environment. This is the Coasts section of the module which is taught alongside Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Rivers, Weather and Climate & Natural Vegetation. Specifically designed for the new IGCSE. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. 

All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. Extension tasks also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style. 

Lesson sequence:

1 - Waves
2 - Coastal processes
3 - Landforms processes
4 - Erosional landforms
5 - Depositional landforms
6 - Coral reefs
7 - Threats to coral reefs
8 - Mangroves
9 - Hard and soft engineering
10 - Coastal case study
11 - Assessment

All other modules in the series available.

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