Map Skills

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Map Skills


Full unit of work for map skills. All lesson are suitable for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. Develops core skills for geography students in KS3 or high ability KS2.

All lessons have a starter and lesson objectives. All PowerPoints in the same signature style. 

Lesson sequence:
1 - Introduction to maps
2 - Where is the UK?
3 - Compass points
4 - Map symbols
5 - 4 and 6 figure grid references
6 - Scale and distance
7 - Atlas skills
8 - Height and relief
9 - Longitude and latitude
10 - Design your own treasure map
11 - Mapzone GIS

Also includes Types of Geography lesson (can be used as an introduction lesson for Y7), Geography Literacy mat and Geography Numeracy/Map Skills mat.

Homeworks - 3 x countries and capitals test sheets to develop global place knowledge

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Great module, I’m going to use this with my Y7’s this term
— excellent_geography